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Dr med. Solveig Emilie Rapp is an experienced fully qualified medical doctor and a specialist dermatologist

In her Zurich-based practice  above the Apotheke Paradeplatz (next to the Savoy Hotel) in the heart of Zuerich, she and a team of beauticians focus their treatments on cosmetic dermatology, ensuring high quality and  high safety standards. Her specialist interest lies in non-surgical aesthetic procedures in order to rejuvenate the face. 
She also treats the entire spectrum of skin diseases and  skin problems and performs skin surgery for both: adults and children. 

Dr Rapp is fluent in German, English and Italian. 

Dr Rapp was born in Stuttgart, Germany. After several years abroad she  graduated in Medicine at the University of Tuebingen in South Germany. After many years of post-graduate specialist training, she was awarded the title of specialist in dermatology and allergology by the German Medical Council after having passed the German specialisation exam.
She has gained extensive clinical experience in Germany and  internationally and has undertaken research in a number of  University departments. Her other special interests are skin surgery, paediatric dermatolgy (children) and pigmented skin. It is for this reason that she spent  almost 2 years working at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Experience of aesthetic dermatology
Dr Rapp is in the position to combine her in-depth knowledge of skin biology and troubled skin with her expertise in aesthetic procedures and skincare. She  started very early in her career to specialise in the field of aesthetic dermatology, including a considerable amount of work with different laser systems. Dr Rapp has a passion for skincare, and unlike some other practitioners, who like to treat different parts of the skin in isolation, Dr Rapp’s method is to focus on the persons’ look and face as a whole. In this way  her clients come away looking better, not different. They look  fresher and younger, but without obvious signs of treatment,  with their natural beauty noticeably enhanced. She avoids potentially damaging treatment and this little invasive approach with f.ex. Botox, filler (like f.ex. Juvederm) and peelings ensures a satisfied clientele. 

She has also worked for many years as  a consultant for L`Oreal and taught at a well known Swiss school for beauticians before she opened her private practice in Zurich.   

Dr S. Rapp frequently visits international as well as national congresses and she is a member of various leading medical associations listed below:  
FMH (Swiss Medical association) and German Medical Council  
SGDV (the Society of the Swiss dermatologists) 
DDG (the Society of the German speaking dermatologists)
ZDG (the Society of Zurich`s Dermatologists)

Dr Rapp  has been living in Zurich since 2003